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     People say life is like a roller coaster and more often than not, you’re left with a gut wrenching feeling as your cart is approaching the crest. Here, you’re given mere 3 seconds before you feel like you’re free falling again. You quickly attempt to absorb the magnificent view of the town below you, while also dreading (sometimes awaiting) the gorge that is eagerly waiting to engulf you. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!,” you’re pale faced as you find yourself howling and clutching tightly anything that's in sight, wondering whether you ever remembered to fasten your seatbelt. 

     You’re still recuperating from the last fall, before you see the next 360 degree loop closing in. You’re wondering why you ever agreed to get strapped in the first place, and whether you’ll see the sun rise tomorrow. You feel like you have lost all organs in your belly, but this was the same reason you waited two turns to get on the first seat of this cart. This is exactly what it feels like to be in your twenties. It’s the most terrifying, yet thrilling time of your life.  


     Right now, everything you do is either flushed down with 3 Jägerbombs, or stowed away at the back of your memory coffer forever. It’s the same decade where you spent 4 years in shady basements with red solo cups, to (most prolly) moving in with the love of your life and sharing "Mr. And Mrs." china mugs. These are the years you rebel and fight your parents, but also FaceTime them up multiple times a day on how to not burn your rice (or the entire house down). These are the years you graduate with your dream job, or quit your boss’ micromanaging to start your independent venture. These are the years you boast your freshly ironed graduation gown, while google searching what a mutual fund is (#guilty). These are the years you warm different chairs (for those of you who have watched Dear Zindagi), while also finding “your person” as you see them tearing up on the other end of the aisle. This is a glimpse of the start of my 20s and I can't imagine it being very different for the rest of you. 

     The people and stories that surround me are my catalyst for starting this blog. I look forward to sharing their stories with you so we are not only learning, but taking from their struggles and getting inspired by their successes.        

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The Millennial Stage


About the Author


Khushee Nanavati

     It was the closing of January, a month or so after the completion of my bachelors degree. The winds outside my window were angry, as though sprinting to make it to the finish line. I was cozied up in my fleece blanket, with my hot chocolate, that was rapidly cooling down as I was lost in thought. I hadn’t ever deliberately thought through the next few years that were to come. Wasn’t I supposed to have a plan? How had I dealt with this in the past?

     That was when it dawned on me that my previously compartmentalised life, would now lead wherever I wanted it to go. From today, there would no pre-planned 3 years of kindergarten or 4 years of college. During such forks in the road, I realised that talking to my friends and peers, and learning about their plans not only gave me ideas on what I could do, but also the motivation to pull through. This was what drove me to begin this blog and share everyone's experiences with the world!


     Today, I work as a Business Development Representative at Deel Inc.